Wednesday | Jul25.07

Crazy's Horse

Grats to Crazyshama for picking up the Fiery Warhorse's Reins last night in Karazhan. LightwellTM provided by our very own Jean Luc Generic.

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Friday | Jul20.07

the artist formerly known as prince is down!

the prince is down! stop killing bosses for crissakes! i wants me purplez! then again, i drink awesome beer everyday, so its a small sacrifice i make. grats!

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Wednesday | Jul04.07

terestian illhoof down

terestian illhoofs been downed by alpha team (or early team, team one, kats team, team "we have no emo bitches", or honestly who gives a shit)...grats! he went down faster than a hooker in amsterdam. not that i'd know...personally. its know, a figure of speech.

only two (or three) karazhan bosses left.

bonus | shuper shecret mage-tanking strat revealed below...

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Monday | Jul02.07

shade down

grats to both teams on taking down the shade of aran this week! we're nearly at the end of karazhan...woot.

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