Monday | Jun15.09

And the kitchen sink too!

Congrats to everyone last night! We took on Razorscale and threw trees, monkeys and even motorcycles at him and took that sucker down on the 2nd try. Next up is Kologarn and who likes to.....grab people.....

P.S. Mamsy, would it have been so hard to look *at* the camera. imeancomeonrly

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Thursday | Jun04.09

Gravity works!

They say 3rd time is a charm, and last night that was true. Malygos took a plummet on our 3rd attempt of the evening. Grats Etherion....but no dead boss lying on the floor makes the boss kill pic a bit of a pain.

So here's a pic of me flying on a dragon! With a dragon queen nearby! And Alyster died. Welcome back AL =)

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