Thursday | Aug27.09

And we keep on rolling

Several days after our guild first Hodir kill (subdual?) we steamroll over the Iron Council after only a few tries. We left the shortest boss in the Iron Council for last.....and since he is kinda hard to see through the gaggle of Etherionites I figured it might be nice to post a pic of the pre-raid party too!

I hear Phoenyx made a lot of money off of riding the spectral tiger o.O

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Sunday | Aug23.09

With 5 seconds to spare...

Our first night back to doing 2 nights of Ulduar per week, and we capped it all off with a first time kill of Hodir. Only a handful of people up, and with 5 seconds to spare on the enrage timer, but he got taken down =)

P.S. and yes, that is our esteemed guildmaster giving us all a mid-air mooning from between Hodir's legs o.O

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Thursday | Aug13.09

Crazy Cat Lady Down!

She taunted the Feral Druids with cat chew toys one too many times, and finally wound up on her back at the end of the night.....

....... not like that. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Grats to everyone! Onward!

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