Monday | September 28, 2009

It's been almost a month

....since the last post, but we did a doozy of a run last night that deserves mention.

First we paid a visit to our old friend Onyxia and walloped her on the first go (nice to see we haven't lost our touch). We were a tad over eager to head to the next fight though and forgot to get a screenshot of the kill (again?). So here is a picture of Onyxia's reaction to Yod and Div zapping her on the boobs while we assembled for the fight...

Ony was easy enough that we felt frisky and went on to ToC and decided to try our luck there. First we took care of that abominable snowman (we did so well we had a kegger afterwards)....

And then moved on to the Jaraxxus fight that proves warlocks make crappy endgame bosses (especially when they loose control of their demons) =D

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