Monday | November 16, 2009

The instance was buggy!

But the Etherionites handled the bugs! With a l33t strategy involving 25 highly-motivated raiders, a can of RAID, a potato, and a bear tank that gets gibbed they were finally able to put Anub'arak down for the count. Full clear on Coliseum woots!

And yes that is Dahookie dancing with no pants up front, and no we aren't surprised.

P.S. (02/26/2010) Yes I realize that is a picture of Ignis again. I edited the entry and put it in as a placeholder. I deleted the actual boss kill pic for this fight by accident it seems. Gonna look for it on my work machine....not that I do personal web stuff at work of course......*cough*

P.S. (03/04/2010) I found the naked Hookie dancing pic again at work (don't ask) All fixed now!

~teh Kat

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Wednesday | November 11, 2009

Another month, more killz!

We got a few more new bosses down this month in the big raids! We changed up our strategy a bit for Ignis and finally took the big punk down (though with only 5 people left standing.....still counts!)

A week later we decided to explore in Ulduar a bit and take a crack at Mimiron for the first time. After only 4 attempts and one death on the Ulduar subway tracks (whichever druid that was is still not fessing up) we took him and his toy box down for good!

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