Tuesday | July 20, 2010

Halion defeated!

So a group of Etherionites decided to take a crack at Ruby Sanctum last Thursday to learn the fight.

They learned it alright.....Halion has been defeated! Good job folks, now teach the rest of us how to do it =) Waitaminute.....Speedy was there? My pet turtle has been cheating on me!

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Monday | July 12, 2010

To absent friends

In loving memory, Brandi "Shalandria" McGough - Dec 27, 1977-June 26, 2010

I would like to say thank you to everyone that showed up on Saturday to pay our final respects to our departed leader. While it may seem a little geeky to do an online ceremony for someone I think we can all agree that Shal would have been deeply moved and honoured that so many came to say goodbye in the only way we had available to us.

Special thanks to Maxx for rendering the above graphic of the memorial, with the words added to the song that was played in the background for many of us.

After the ceremony we did a nice tribute run to Shal in Molten Core, the instance that brought many of us together when Etherion was first formed (pic to follow, it's on my other computer) and decided to smack down all the Horde leaders as they so rightly deserved.

Correctly anticipating that the Horde would retaliate we ported to Stormwind and found a bunch of them smacking around Goldshire. The resulting Black War Bear cavalry charge of Etherionites on their newly acquired mounts will live on in infamy for many years to come.

Godspeed Shal, I think you would have been mighty proud of your guild that day. You will be missed.

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