Wednesday | August 25, 2010

Getting back on track!

So while technically not our first kill on the Blood Prince Council, we didn't get a screenshot back then so here we go!

(08/26/2010) New screenshot from last night, and this time I remembered to hide the buttons on my screen! We know the drill now, and 1 shotted the 3 stooges no problem.

Congrats to everyone, and I am sure we will hear jokes about juggling the golden balls and purple balls for many moons to come! Next on the to-do list......learn how to bite people!

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Monday | August 9, 2010

Sindy Defeated!

The Lich King raised her up in that nifty WotLK trailer....and last Thursday Etherionites led by Farmer Mollie smacked Sindragosa back down!

Grats guys! I see you even let Red make his own friends and bring them along for the party!

(I am starting to see a pattern with these dragons.....)

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